Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bad Analogy of the Week Award

The bad analogy of the week award goes to former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien who, complaining about the fact that Canadians will soon need passports to enter the US, notes that Europeans can travel across borders without valid passports.

Travellers can cross several national borders in Europe without any significant delays and something similar should be possible in North America, he added. "In Europe, you go from Austria, Germany, France, Spain to Portugal with nobody stopping you."

Well yeah - now try that with Romania and see what happens. See, Einstein, in Europe they have this thing called the European Union, which allows them to move freely between each others' countries. More specifically, there are no internal borders between nations that have signed the Schengen Treaty. Part of the deal with the Schengen Treaty is that visa and work permit restrictions have to be uniform. So how 'bout it, Jean? You wanna sit down at the table and work out a common visa and work permit system? And maybe a common currency, while we're at it. Yeah, didn't think so.

How the hell did this moron ever hold national office, let alone make it to Sussex?