Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lunch Day 3

Lunch today was a blackeyed pea soup.

I soaked half a bag of blackeyed peas for 7 hours, then simmered them for an hour. After this I added a red onion (chopped finely), a carrot (cubed), 5 cups of vegetable stock, two habaneros (chopped finely - seeds and all to make sure it would be hot, which it was!), and two cloves of garlic (finely chopped). I let this simmer for another 15min. while I chopped up two tomatoes and two stalks of celery. Then I took half of the simmering soup and put it in a blender to make puree, put the puree back in the pot, added the celery and tomatoes and some recaito (cilantro-gook) and let simmer for another 15min. or so. Meanwhile, I made croutons (white bread, fried in garlic and olive oil, sprinkled with oregano).

Ate the soup served with croutons and sour cream. Pretty good - definitely spicy enough! I think next time I'll hold it to one and a half habaneros and take the seeds out of the half. Anything less than that would probably not be hot enough, but as it stands it's a bit too much so. Live and learn.

This also produced leftovers for at least three, probably four, more meals, which I promptly froze.

I really love blackeyed peas, so no complaints about having to eat this again later.

39 days and counting!


At 9:53 AM, Blogger noahpoah said...

I'm surprised you know the names of so many vegetables.

Well done so far. I bet your colon is grateful.


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