Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Winter Soup

Lunch today (and yesterday) is a "winter soup" - vegetable soup made with zucchini, leeks, garbanzo beans, spinach, tomatoes and parmesan cheese (hey - no one said anything about going vegan!).

I cubbed the zucchini (two) and thin-sliced the leeks (again, two) and stir-fried them in a generous dose of olive oil. Then I added a potfull (about 3 cups) of vegetable stock made from something like bouillon, and two cans of diced tomoatoes, some basil, tomato paste, and lots of garlic (of course!). I brought it to a boil and then let it simmer (covered) for about 5min, after which I added a bunch of spinach and let it cook a little longer. Then lots of coarse-ground black pepper and grated parmesan on top. Was delicious!

It makes enough for 3-4 meals (provided you have some kind of sidedish, I mean), so I'm having it again today and then freezing the rest for later this month.

Dinner last night was simply guacamole, cheese and crackers. Not terribly healthy, I know - but the point of this exercise is more for self-discipline than health reasons (I'm not at all convinced that vegetarianism is a healthy lifestyle - though I read that people who eat only fish and no other kinds of meat enjoy some minor longevity benefits). I'm a big fan of meat - especially pork and lamb.

So that's two days in. Meat again on 13 February.


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