Monday, January 01, 2007

TOWM Political Quote of the Day

From a 1964 interview with Playboy - Ayn Rand on politics:

When I came here from Soviet Russia, I was interested in politics for only one reason -- to reach the day when I would not have to be interested in politics. I wanted to secure a society in which I would be free to pursue my own concerns and goals, knowing that the government would not interfere to wreck them, knowing that my life, my work, my future were not at the mercy of the state or of a dictator's whim. This is still my attitude today. Only today I know that such a society is an ideal not yet achieved, that I cannot expect others to achieve it for me, and that I, like every other responsible citizen, must do everything possible to achieve it. In other words, I am interested in politics only in order to secure and protect freedom.

My thoughts exactly (all except for the part about arriving here from Soviet Russia, which thankfully no longer exists...) 


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