Friday, March 09, 2007

Who Da Man Now Dog?

Well, right, OK, so there's still plenty of time for Bush to spend truckloads of money we don't have and give Jesus a cabinet post before the next election, but with candidates already lining up to take his job it's interesting to see who's doing how well. Here is the latest Gallup poll showing just that.

If these numbers are to be believed (I'm looking at the "Favorable and Unfavorable" ratings bit about halfway down) - then Rudi Giuliani, of all people, is the frontrunner. (!!!) How did THAT happen??? Not that I'm complaining. Of all the people currently in the mix, he's probably the best choice. I'm just really surprised to see him ahead of Obama - but there you have it. Frabjous day!

Of course, as a whole these numbers aren't very convincing since all of the candidates except Gingrich (who isn't even a candidate yet) are viewed more favorably than not by the public. No doubt there is room yet for dramatic shifts in public opinion here.

The good good, very supergood news is that Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are doing pretty badly. Granted - better than Romney - but who is Romney again?

Highly preliminary though this is, I think there's still a lesson here for the Republicans that I sincerely hope they pay attention to. Namely - your position on abortion is NOT a winner, and you need to get over it NOW before you go do something stupid and put Romney on the ticket. Romney can't beat Obama.

The very bad news just confirms what I've suspected for some time now - that Barack Obama is the most popular Dem. And, when I think about it, I guess he is also the best Dem, really. Which tells you pretty much all you need to know about the Democrats...

All other things being equal, I could vote for Giuliani. However, all other things are not equal, and I'm highly annoyed by Giuliani's pro-gun control stance. But George Will's column yesterday went a long way toward convincing me to overlook that. We'll see.


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