Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Odd Shirt

Searching on CafePress today for a suitable gun nut shirt, I ran across this odd item. I mean - it says the right stuff, but if I'm not mistaken, that's Jack Layton's picture on the front. Actually, I'm not mistaken - that's definitely Jack Layton.

I mean, I guess it's not surprising that Canada's Socialist Number One would be anti-gun. (And just in case anyone needed confirmation, here is a case in point.) What's surprising is that there's enough of a pro-gun market in Canada to get shirts like this off the shelf. It's an encouraging sign!

By the way - update on yesterday's post. It turns out the latest evidence suggests the gunman at VaTech shot himself - i.e. was not gunned down by police as I earlier thought. So that makes the police 100% ineffective in this case after all - which just strengthens my point. A better-armed population would've brought him down in shorter order.

As it turns out - this was actually an issue as recently as a year ago. The link goes to an article about the defeat of HR1572, which would've allowed guns on college campuses. The real outrage, of course, is that none of the nanny-staters who supported this bill are going to stop to think that they had a hand in what happened yesterday. Rather, they're going to turn around and demand more of the same - wilfully ignorant of the fact that their misguided and nonsensical (but no doubt well-intentioned) gun control policy has failed in spectacular fashion.

It reminds me of that old saying - "A lock will keep out an honest man." Well, sure. But locks aren't for honest men. A DOOR will keep out an honest man. We need locks for people doors won't stop. By the same token, a gun control law will stop a law-abiding man - but it will not stop a criminal. Citizens need guns BECAUSE people break the law.

Please - join the NRA today and help fight the forces that want to leave you defenseless.


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