Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's a Start

Good news. Apparently there will be an announcement shortly that all charges in the fraudulent Duke Rape Case have been dropped. It's about bloody time! I would just like to take the opportunity to second this statement from Duke law professor Paul Haagen (reported via Durham in Wonderland) to the effect that merely dropping the charges is not enough. The state needs to also publicly acknowledge that the case was fraudulent and continued far too long, if for no other reason than to reassure citizens of the fine state of North Carolina that the higher-ups will be keeping a closer eye on this kind of election-whoring abuse of power by local DAs in the future. Now here's hoping the NC Bar roasts Nifong in the ethics hearings! The sooner that man loses his license (and/or goes to prison where - let's not forget - he was hoping to send three innocent citizens as an offering to a mob in exchange for a cheap election win), the better for everyone.


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