Friday, January 19, 2007

Pretty Cats

In doing some internet reading for the previous entry I ran across some truly beautiful cats. They're Diana Mertz Hsieh's cats; she's involved in the Objectivist Movement and was Nathaniel Branden's webmaster for years, as a volunteer, it seems. She has since decided to stick with orthodoxy and renounce the Brandens, whom she claims she never fully trusted.

Anyway - she has two truly beautiful cats. (As it turns out - Ayn Rand was also a huge cat lover, feeding her cat ground beef, because the cat insisted, in the 30s when she could barely afford to feed herself.) These are Oliver and Elliot. Oliver in particular, who looks a bit like and seems to have the same personality that my cat Marten does. Marten's also a stunningly pretty grey male longhair with an iron will - a bit of a bully who insists on having things his way, but really a good friend, skittish, playful, and loyal (not generally a hallmark trait of cats) in the end.

Pictures of her pets are here.


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