Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another Major Drug War "Win"

Check out the following line from an AP article about the drug war in Mexico:

Vicente Fox, started out with enthusiastic U.S. applause for his own fight against drug trafficking. U.S. officials called the arrest of drug bosses early in his six-year term unprecedented, while Fox boasted that his administration had destroyed 43,900 acres of marijuana and poppy plantations in its first six months and more than tripled drug seizures.

Yet drug violence has spiked across the country in recent years, with gangs fighting over control of routes following the arrest of drug lords, authorities say.

"Yet drug violence has spiked across the country in recent years..." YET...

Who woulda thought? You destroy almost 50,000 acres of someone's cash crop, disrupt the supply chain, and make the stream of $100-million/yr jobs which require no high school diploma scarce, "YET" it causes violence? I mean, do major newspapers raid the moron factory for recruits or what?

OF COURSE IT CAUSES VIOLENCE!!! We're talking about people who work in the black market. They don't head to Unemployment to stand in line when they lose their jobs! And we're talking farming that brings in hundreds of millions a year in profit. Think you can earn that growing corn?

Now read the whole article. It's about a hybrid marijuana plant that essentially can't be killed. The superweed. Spray pesticide on it and it just grows back. Oh yeah, and you can harvest it all year 'round. Because gee, since when have hundreds of millions in proits ever provided incentive for innovation before?

The War on Drugs is collossally stupid, not to mention immoral. JUST. LEGALIZE. IT. ALREADY. Stop wasting hundreds of millions a year in our tax money for something that neither can nor should be fought.


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