Sunday, October 29, 2006


So, today marks the end of Indiana's (successful?) experiment with Daylight Savings Time. For the first time this year, this state changed clocks with everyone else in the summer, and now we are managing the transition back to "normal" time. There's a website about it here.

Naturally, certain places like Gary and Evansville have managed to get themselves exempt - on the basis of being close to other places in different time zones. So what we get on this webpage is clocks that say things like "The time in most of Indiana is 5.31am."

There's also a national time zone map, though, and it's obvious that Indiana is far from being the only or even the most dysfunctional state when figuring out what time it is. For example, it might not surprise you to find that Idaho is split between Pacific Time and That Other Time that the Middle of the Country Uses. But it's weird when you find out where it's split. Not "everything east of the corridor" turns out to be on Rocky Mountain Time, as you might expect. Rather, the corridor is on Pacific Time and everything in the main part of the state is not. Eh? North Dakota's even weirder - with the lower left quarter of the state on Rocky Mountain Time for no reason I can figure.

But whatever. Nice to be back on standard time. I can totally use the "extra" hour.


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