Monday, September 10, 2007

Sometimes Roses Smell Sweeter if they're Roses

TOWM's quote of the day comes from a Lambda the Ultimate discussion thread on the adoption of R6RS - the new standard for the Scheme Programming Language:

Maybe I'll create a programming language called "<p>", just to drive browsers nuts. :)

That's in response to a couple of snarky statements - the first of which suggesting that the R6RS is so different from before that they should call it Scheme++, and a followup noting that that would actually be (+ scheme 1). I would just like to note that there already is a language so poorly-named that Google can't find its documentation on demand...


At 4:06 PM, Blogger noahpoah said...

R isn't really a language so much as a statistical analysis tool/matlab 'clone'.

At 4:07 PM, Blogger noahpoah said...

I should have also added that, other than this oversite, if indeed it is an oversite, this was a nice post. (+ scheme 1) would be a great name for a programming language.

At 5:43 PM, Blogger Joshua said...

Well, actually R is a programming language (as is Matlab, really). You're right that it's also a tool/platform, but there is a legitimate programming language interfacing with the platform, if you like to think of it that way.

Without getting into the nitpicky details of what makes a programming language, let me just cite the Wikipedia entry on it as well as the (admittedly less convincing) fact that the people who post on the R mailing list refer to it as a programming language.

Glad you enjoyed the post. Actually, at the bottom of the Wikipedia entry is a link to an R Search Engine designed to help with the problem of searching for "R" in a conventional search engine. Actually,there are two such links.

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