Friday, September 08, 2006

Homepage Sometimes

I linked Tristan's and my homepages on the course webpage when I put up the archives section. I sent Tristan a note telling him about the change (he grabs my HTML code for the homepage for his own discussion section), and he said he would link my homepage on his discussion section page as well. So I thought it was time to actually have a homepage!

The skeleton of one is up and running. The only link that works (by which I mean doesn't go to a lame "coming soon..." page) is the link to this blog.

My own students haven't really been told about the discussion section webpages yet. I printed the URL on an early handout, but I'm sure none of them bothered to actually type it into a browser and bookmark it. They'll do that when I send them an email with the link. But I wasn't safe from Tristan's students...

Still, a quick look at his discussion section page shows that he hasn't actually made any updates yet.

When I made the changes to the course webpage, I also put a picture of a certain classical liberal economist I admire up. It's a kind of snub at the Chomskyite, leftist course the class syllabus has taken. I changed the name of the picture to "mysteryman.jpg" and put a popup tag that says "Who am I?" I should probably consider giving some kind of extra credit to any student who figures it out (but without mentioning that there's anything off about the photo, of course; some of them might assume it's an old pic of Chomsky).

I told the students I would post my class schedule on it (so they would know when I'm not available for meetings), but I haven't found a good place for it yet. Soon.


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