Friday, January 18, 2008

Candid Camera Does Mitt

Here are two YouTube links to Romney being a prick.

The first one shows him cornered by a medical marijuana patient. It seems like a setup to me - that is, I doubt this guy and his oh-so-conveniently placed friend with the video camera are really on the up-and-up. Nevertheless, they ask him a point-blank question that everyone who opposes medical marijuana use needs to be able to answer, and that's "will you have me and my doctor arrested if I use marijuana for medicinal purposes?" Where, I wonder, is our vaunted press on this issue? That is, why do citizens have to stage instances like this to get answers? That question ought to be par-for-the-course in press conferences. Do you believe in your policy enough to actually beat someone to the ground and throw them in jail for it? Is medical marijuana so harmful to the public that you feel you can justify this? If you can't, you need to back down. Romney, slick coward that he is, simply ignores the question and walks on.

The second one shows a reporter challenging Romney on his claim that he "does not have lobbyists running [his] campaign." The reporter points out that someone called Ron Kaufmann, who happens to be a lobbyist, is a senior adviser to Romney's campaign. Romney retorts that because Kaufmann is neither his chief advisor nor his campaign manager, that he is therefore not "running [his] campaign." Sensibly, the reporter asks if any campaigns have lobbyists running them by that definition. Point, set, match to the reporter. Honestly, what a moronic technicality to come back with. "My senior advisor is not a lobbyist, ergo I am completely free of their influence?" Does ANYONE buy this crap?

Romney is a weasel and a prick.


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