Saturday, March 31, 2007

I've Been Robbed!

Many thanks to Mr. Tweedy for pointing out that a third party is stealing my content for profit.

I'm appropriately angry, etc. etc. - but I won't have time to do anything about this until the semester finishes.

I'm sure Mr. Tweedy is right that it will be hard to fix this as long as I'm with Blogger. Since I never inteded to be on Blogger this long to begin with, this is really just a nice kick in the pants to get up and design my own hand-coded blog. I enjoy programming, but I know little about webprogramming - a gap in my knowledge I've long meant to correct.

Also, I need to start marketing myself a bit more if I hope to get a good academic job in another year and a half. A solid web presence (with links to papers and programs I've written) would be a good idea in any case.

But as one of my academically successful relatives is fond of saying, "gradschool is not a healthy place." I just don't have time to handcode a blog at the moment. The best I can do right now is tell iphide to go fuck itself.

Iphide: go fuck yourself!


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