Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tweedy-san's (sans?) Workout

Speaking of my neglected blog, I note that it's been 21 entries since Jon Tweedy last bragged about how good his workout's been going lately. And actually, even that last entry was a downer. He has a separate workout log which confirms he hasn't been to the gym recently.

Ok, I'm not taunting, honestly (well, not too much *zwinkert*). I've been trying to get back into shape recently too, and not doing such a hot job. Just when things seemed to be taking off again with running, the world's best holiday came along and I ate and drank myself silly. My uncle is a chef who loves German food, and he came this year, and it was fuckin' BLISS. Aside from the absolute best Spätzle I've ever had, he also made some ace red cabbage and pork chops. And of course, we drank a lot of beer (Spaten, naturally!). And all told, it set me back quite a bit more than I'd expected. I finally got back into routine on Wednesday - and I've been running every day since then, but I'm still dangerously close to 80kg (176lbs. - sorry - I'm not trying to be an irritating metricsexual, but the first time I ever recognized myself gaining weight was in Japan, so kg makes more sense to me for body weight. I'm down with Fahrenheit for everything else - ESPECIALLY temperature). I realize 80/176 isn't all that heavy for a 30-some male, but it is for my body type. I'm ideally about 72kg, so I'm about 18lbs. "overweight" by my standards. It takes me 3 - 4 months to lose that much weight (I love to eat and eat a lot, so dieting is out of the question - and I don't believe in gimicky workout techniques designed to shed weight. Good for the shortterm, but you pay for it in the long run. Best plan is just to get healthy and exercise regularly.), so I have my work cut out for me.

Fortunately, it's going well. Four daily runs in a row, and I feel up to another one tomorrow (we'll see how I feel in the morning, though...). The times in my life I've been healthiest were when I was maintaining a 3day-2day-3day (1 day off between) exercise schedule, and it seems to be settling back into that. The other hurdle is to get my run back up to 35min. Today I did 25, which is getting there, but not really respectable yet. Unfortunately, for the past week it's been more like 20, then a 4min. walk, then 3-5min. running finish. Once I'm clocking decent times again, I really need to start lifting weights regularly too. My upper body strength is...not.

Well, here's hoping Mr. Tweedy gets his game back! ;-)


At 7:48 AM, Blogger Jon said...

Tweedy fell off of a motorcycle and couldn't walk so easily, much less work out! But Tweedy is working out again as of this week.


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