Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nifong Charged

Anyone following the Duke Rape case will no doubt know by now that Mike Nifong has been charged with ethics violations by the North Carolina State Bar. A copy of the complaint is available on Smoking Gun.

There are a number of editorials in major newspapers applauding the decision and condemning Nifong's general behavior and handling of the case. It's pretty clear by now that the boys will be found innocent and Nifong will be disciplined in some way - possibly disbarred. It would be nice if someone would prosecute Crystal Gail Magnum as well, but I can understand the reasons for not wanting to do so (it would possibly have a chilling effect on real victims coming forward and also on other liars thinking of recanting their stories).

I don't have anything to add here except to say that this is an excellent blog with firstrate coverage of the case.



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