Friday, September 08, 2006

Glad to be an American

The Cato Institute's annual Economic Freedom Index has been released.

Hong Kong retains top spot as economically freest country, followed by Singapore. The United States ties New Zealand and Switzerland for third. Canada has a relatively poor showing at 8th place, behind Great Britain and Ireland, but is presumably ahead of Germany and most of the rest of Western Europe.

The press release is a gratifying read - especially if you hate Bono as much as I do. The general point is that economic liberty, and not foreign aid, is what helps the poor. Obvious to anyone with a modicum of economic and political sense, really. Giving the government money to hand out as opposed to freeing people up to earn it themselves? Only a moron would... But yeah, there's lots o' their kind involved in policy, unfortunately. (Some sociologist should write a PhD inventing a "Bono Index of Economic Stupidity" and rate politicians according to their willingness to meet with and listen to him. No suprise that George Bush and Paul Martin would fall behind Stephen Harper on that one...)

To the boyz at Cato: thanks again for all that you do.


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